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Blaksatyn Virgin Human Hair 

Blaksatyn Virgin Human Hair Extensions is the hottest new brand of the best quality human hair, by far!

100% human hair means just that... 100% human hair. Blaksatyn's Virgin Human Hair Extensions bring to you, the consumer, the finest quality human hair available at the most competitive prices.

Blaksatyn's Virgin Human Hair Extensions have a range of products that will allow you to add length, volume, colour to suit your needs. You can then, to stroke your hair, to feel their vitality and their silky stalks, as if they were a member of you, for a long time.

Hair extensions

Blaksatyn hair extensions can be supplied with or without the weft. All bundles weigh approximately 95g-105g


Our human hair wigs are made with a 360° closure and a further 200g of hair. Adjustable to fit all head sizes


Our closures are the perfect compliment to go with our hair extensions

Blaksatyn Premium Human Hair Extensions

Full frontals

Blaksatyn full frontals allow you to create a more realistic hairline once installed

False eyelashes

Our false eyelashes are made from a special material to mimic Siberian Mink. Lightweight and reusable