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Hair Washing Care and Maintenance Advice

Before applying weave, wash your hair clean and dry thoroughly. When washing weave, use gentle running water and lightly rub hair and scalp. To maintain curly/wavy hair, lightly apply gel or mousse. Oil sheen is not recommended for bonded hair as oil may cause weave to come out. When combing hair, always comb bottom of hair first and work your way up to the root. When removing hair please ensure you know how to remove or seek professional advice. Use a large tooth comb or fingers while hair is wet to prevent any knots.

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How to minimise tangling and shedding

Comb through your hair by brushing hair ends first, then through the middle, and through the top last. You should not brush directly from the top and pull hard, as it will cause the hair to break. Regular care will keep the hair in good condition and minimise tangling. At hairandfashionuk.co.uk, our hair extensions are double-wefted to reinforce and prevent shedding. A weft sealer can be applied across the entire weft (particularly on the areas where the weft has been cut) to seal it.